Meinl Drum Festival 2016 will be held in Warsaw, Poland

We are proud to announce that the 2016 Meinl Drum Festival will be held in Warsaw, Poland. The exact date of the event, venue and line-up will be made public as soon as more details become available. Following Moscow (Russia) in 2009, Mexico City (Mexico) in 2011, and Gothenburg (Sweden) in 2011, this will be our fourth international Meinl Drum Festival.  

Meinl Drum Festival Donates € 20.000 to Charitable Purposes

Meinl is proud to announce that the total proceeds from the ticket sales of the 2015 Meinl Drum Festival and voluntary contributions, which will be donated to two charitable organizations, is 20.000 Euros.

Percussion instruments worth 10.000 Euros will be donated to the Danilo Perez Foundation in Panama. This organization recruits children and young people at social risk with a talent for music who can’t afford a musical education and offers them a free scholarship to promote and develop their musical talents.

The other 10.000 Euros of percussion instruments will be donated to the Károly Istvàn Orphanage near Budapest in Hungary, where music therapy plays a big role in their educational program, including working with physically and mentally handicapped children. “Thank you for your great contribution to our association,” states association member Regina Abou-Chacra. “There are no words to express our feelings when we realized it is really true, we will own these beautiful instruments……….Your donation not only gives us a tremendous help in our daily work but we also gained a lot of inspiration to put more energy and effort into what we do.”

Meinl’s festival coordinator Norbert Saemann continues “Once again, thanks to everyone who attended this year’s festival. Without your support this wonderful donation would have not been possible.”

Pictured are children from the orphanage playing on the donated instruments (faces not showing)

Running Order

10:00  Doors
11:15  Welcome Speech
11:30 -12:15 Thomas Lang & Luke Holland
12:35 -13:05  Adam Markó
13:25 -13:55  Richard Spaven
14:15 -14:45  ‘Krimh‘ Lechner
15:45 -16:30  Ralph Peterson
16:50 -17:35  Anika Nilles
17:55 -18:40  Matt Garstka
18:45 -19:00  Lottery Drawing
19:00 -19:45  ‘Sput‘ Searight
20:05 -20:50  Benny Greb & Moving Parts
21:15 -22:45  Signing Session



Luke Holland (The Word Alive) & Thomas Lang

Luke Holland known on YouTube as LukeHollandDrums with currently 253.000 subscribers is best known for his drum covers and for being the drummer for the metalcore band The Word Alive. 
Luke has been a Meinl endorsee since 2010 and will have his debut at the Meinl Drum Festival this year.

For many years now, Thomas has been among the most popular “drummers’ drummers” worldwide. He has played at every drum event, has won every readers poll, completed several international clinic tours, has been on the cover of every drum magazine, and has redefined the term “technical drumming.” Thomas plays the unplayable and makes it look like the most natural thing in the world. He defines what is technically possible on the drum set and sets the level for which all others are to be measured by. It’s hard to describe Thomas’s playing. One must see it to believe it.
Currently Thomas is active with his bands “stOrk” and “SPARK7". He has also worked with artists like Paul Gilbert, John Wetton, Falco, George Michael, Robbie Williams, Gianna Nannini, and more. 
His internationally established “Thomas Lang Drumming Boot Camps” introduce a new and modern method of drum education. 2015 will be his sixth appearance at the Meinl Drum Festival. He has been a Meinl endorsee since 2001.


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Adam Markó (Special Providence)

Adam is the drummer and motor of the modern instrumental band SPECIAL PROVIDENCE which has became one of the most well known and appreciated jazz-metal quartets in the european progressive scene with their virtuoso, yet easily digestable style. Besides his own band, he is one of the best employed session drummers in Hungary, able to take on various styles from hip-hop across pop to rock and metal. The musical diversity and individuality in music are the two keystones in his playing and his music.
Having started playing drums at the age of four, Adam grew up in a musician family and graduated at the Köbánya Music Studio which is one of the biggest universities of jazz/rock music in Hungary whereby his band Special Providence were formed.
Adam has been a Meinl endorsee since 2013 and will have his debut at the Meinl Drum Festival this year. 

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Richard Spaven (José James)

"Some people navigate the world quietly, treading softly wherever they go, leaving only a small impression, but an impression that lasts nonetheless”, says iDrum Magazine about Richard Spaven, who is the drummer for Blue Note Records Artist José James. "Richard Spaven is such a person, his humble attitude and down-to-earth, warm personality actually draws people to him and when you hear what he has to say musically on the drum set, you know you should be paying close attention. In this current world of cut-throat business, hire and fire mentality and quick-fix it is refreshing to listen to a player that can deliver without adding any further brouhaha to the mix, a player that has his own unique take on how to make things swing, groove and excite, not only the artist that he is working for, but the audience too. With all these qualities, you now you are in the company of a great musician.”

José James and Producer Flying Lotus are just the most previous in a long line of artists to appreciate the musical abilities of Richard Spaven.
When he’s not laying down tracks in the studio, he tours endlessly, clocking up air miles with some of the biggest names in the business. In the past he has toured and performed live with (the late) GURU of Gangstarr, Flying Lotus, The Cinematic Orchestra, TY, Kaidi Tatham and LA jazz sensation Nailah Porter to name but a few.
Richard has concentrated on his own band, has has just released another solo album titled “Whole Other”.
Richard has been a Meinl artist since 2013 and this is the first time he performs at the Meinl Drum Festival.

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Kerim 'Krimh' Lechner (Septicflesh)

Krimh is an Austrian multi-instrumentalist and professional drummer who started playing at the age of 14. Even though he is a specialist in “metal drumming” he has experience in rock, funk, pop and acoustic music.  Since 2010 he has been a professional drummer and joint polish death metal band Decapitated.  Together they played tours all around the world visiting countries such as US, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South America and India. In 2011 Decapitated released "Carnival Is Forever" under Nuclear Blast Records. He left Decapitated in September 2012.  Right after that, Krimh started to work on his solo album "Explore" and as a session drummer.  
Eventually polish black- death band Behemoth ask him to help them out due to Infernos illness.  Many big festivals such as Impact Fest (PL), Bergen Fest (NOR), Sonisphere (FR) and a one month Asia tour followed, playing concerts in China, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia and Nepal.  
In December 2014 he released his second solo Album “Krimhera. A couple of weeks later he joined greek symphonic death metal legends Septicflesh as their new drummer.
Krimh hosts his own youtube channel @KrimhKerim where he posts drum cam videos showing his talent as one of the world’s leading extreme metal drummers. He has joined the Meinl family in 2010 and will be his debut performing at the 2015 Meinl Drum Festival.

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Ralph Peterson (Jazz Master/Educator)

For 30 years, Ralph Peterson has been one of the distinctive and recognizable drummers in jazz.
Peterson met Grand Master drummer Art Blakey in 1983.  A few months after sitting in, Blakey called Peterson (then a college junior) to play alongside him in his two-drummer big band. Peterson takes seriously the honor and responsibility of being the “Last Messenger Drummer” and later paid homage to Blakey on his 1992 recording “Art.”  His recording and touring resume includes jazz greats like Terrence Blanchard, Branford Marsalis, Patrice Rushen, Stanley Turrentine, David Murray, Dizzy Gillespie, The Count Basie Orchestra, Betty Carter, Michael Brecker, Kenny Barron and many more of the greatest names in jazz.
Now considered by many to be a Master drummer himself, Peterson’s latest recording, and 18th as a leader, and fourth on his own Onyx Productions Music Label, entitled ALIVE at Firehouse 12 Vol2: Fo’ n Mo’, firmly establishes him as a Master Bandleader and Educator. With ALIVE at Firehouse 12; Volume 2, Peterson continues to illustrate his mastery with a new edition of Fo’tet players (and some very special guests, hence the Fo’ n Mo’ subtitle) who simply burn from note one. Combined with last two projects, The Duality Perspective and ALIVE  Vol1 with Sean Jones, Tia Fuller, Luques Curtis and Jake Sherman as former students, it becomes clear that Peterson is one of the most influential musicians of his generation. His students are among the most in demand young players in jazz including EJ Strickland, Ari Honig, Justin Faulkner, Rodney Green, Jonathon Blake, Vince Ector, Mark Whitfield Jr., Lyndon Rochelle, Jerome Jennings and too many more to name. He is full professor of percussion at Berklee College of Music.
Ralph has been a Meinl artist since 2012 and has developed his signature Byzance 22” Symmetry Ride, and 21” Nuance ride with Meinl.

Anika Nilles (Nevell)

Anika is a German drummer, songwriter, and producer. She wrote, recorded and released her first EP titled ‘Alter Ego’ in 2014. Stylistically her songs are a mix of pop/rock/fusion whereas the most important aspect for Anika is the groove. She doesn’t only use the drums for playing a beat or keeping time, but much more as an independent instrument. She avoids putting the artistic focus on herself and leaves room for extravagance. With her newly formed band ‘Nevell’ she will present her songs live on stage soon. Her fine technique, the distinctiveness of her sound, and her strong groove characterize her songs and her way of playing.
Recent activities also include working as an author for international drum magazines and producing her debut album which is planned to be released in fall 2015.
Anika has joined the Meinl family in 2014 and is without a doubt one of the most sought-after drummers in the worldwide drumming scene right now.

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Matt Garstka (Animals As Leaders)

Inspired by his father Greg Garstka (a professional guitar player), Matt Garstka began playing drums at age 8. At age 11, Matt started gigging with his father, playing rock, blues and reggae. By age 14, Matt was playing in Rock, Fusion, Funk, Punk, Latin, Jazz, and Reggae groups. Playing most often with seasoned musicians, Matt quickly developed into a versatile and mature musician. Also at 14, Matt had the chance to meet Jo Sallins who inspired him to become a professional world class musician. He worked tirelessly at his craft, studying all styles of music with the help of Jo Sallins, Greg Garstka and many others.
He soon began doing studio work and started teaching privately. Matt toured several times with Gokh Bi System, an African Hip Hop band during his studies at Berklee College of Music. Matt graduated from Berklee in 2011. He moved to L.A. shortly after to further his musical pursuits. Soon after moving to L.A. he joined the band Animals as Leaders and has been touring with the band internationally.
Matt has joined the Meinl family in 2012.

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Robert 'Sput' Searight (Snarky Puppy)

Grammy Award Winner Robert "Sput" Searight is a graduate of Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing & Visual Arts in Dallas, Texas, USA. He has worked in the music business professionally for well over 15 years with some of the best artists in the industry. Artists such as Celine Dion, Bob Carlisle , Kirk Franklin, Snoop Dogg, Erykah Badu, Justin Timberlake, Jo Jo, Diddy Dirty Money, Snarky Puppy, Dogg Pound Gangsters, Charlie Wilson, Teddy Riley(GUY), Jodeci, Jhene Aiko, Timbaland, Marcus Miller, and he currently serves as principal drummer and producer for the Grammy Award winning jazz fusion band, Snarky Puppy. He has acquired many on his journey, such as a Grammy, Soul Train Award, NAACP Image Award and the Dove Award, to name a few. Not only is he a traveling musician, but he’s a world renown clinician, gladly sharing his gift and approach to music with the students he encounters.  

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Benny Greb (Moving Parts)

Benny Greb was born in 1980 in Germany and began playing drums at the age of six years old. Initially self taught, he began his full time studies in 1997 and quickly made a name for himself in the Hamburg music scene.
Benny’s drumming is slick, full of musicality and finesse. It has style and defines today’s modern drumming. Over the last few years Benny has rightly achieved world class status and recognition in the drum community by touring globally, inspiring drummers worldwide with his clinics and sold out Drumcamps.
He has performed at high profile events such as the Modern Drummer Festival in USA, Montreal Drum Festival Canada, China Drum Summit, Ultimate Drummers Weekend Australia, the World Drum Festival, the Meinl Drumfestival in Germany, Drummer Live at Wembley Arena London, and was already invited twice to perform at the Percussive Arts Society Convention in the USA.
Along with his popularity in the worldwide drum community, Benny can be found playing with a broad assortment of musicians, all demanding his tasteful and immaculate playing style.
Today you can find him at international jazz festivals with his new Trio Moving Parts and the German Jazzecho winner Nils Wuelker.But has also played classical music, working with the NDR Orchestra on their Zappa / Pops project and for film composer and ex-police drummer Steward Copeland. And of course, Benny is also a highly in-demand session player in his native Germany, where his studio duties also include the roles of composer and producer.
Benny writes, records, and releases his own solo records with Grebfruit, Brassband, TwoDayTrio and the brandnew Moving Parts album. The award winning The Language of Drumming – A System For Musical Expression DVD was released in 2009 on the Hudson Music label, is still one of the best selling educational DVD’s worldwide.
His new highly anticipated DVD The art&science of Groove will be released very soon. It promises to become another instant classic and came into existence through one of the most successful crowdfunding campaigns in the business. Benny is a truly exceptional musician and very passionate and entertaining educator.
A Meinl artist since 2003, we are very happy to have him with us at the festival again.

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